Awesome Bunny Toys on a Budget

A couple of years ago, five of my friends pitched in and bought me this as a wedding gift:

Jackson LOVES this thing. There’s a ramp, too (not in the picture).

I loved it. I had wanted my bunnies to have one for months, but couldn’t afford it because it cost $600.

Six hundred dollars.

Just, no.

The bunnies’ “furniture” is still going strong, so I suppose one could call it an investment, but for most of us, it doesn’t make financial sense. The good news is that you can spend almost nothing and still provide your bunnies with fantastically entertaining toys.


At least twice a week, we get several magazines addressed to various people we’ve never heard of. The bunnies go absolutely bananas for them; Maura rips them, Bear gnaws at the binding, Link tears out pages and makes a pile to sit on. Hours of fun at absolutely no cost!

Want to score your buns some mags for free (or on the cheap)? Check your office’s lobby. Ask your friends and coworkers if they’ll give you their old magazines for, um, a craft project.  Or just go straight to the source: Many, if not most, cities produce a free community publication of some sort. Stock up!

Note: Always tear out the “tester” perfume pages before giving a magazine to your bunny!

Toilet Paper Rolls

You know your life has been taken completely over by bunnies when you insist your husband buy “the paper with the nice soft cardboard on the inside.” Plain rolls are a bunny’s delight, but you can dress them up for even more fun. Cut the roll into a spiral shape for tossing. Cut it into rings, placing one inside the other at a 90-degree (sort of) angle until you create a “ball.” Bonus points if you manage to sneak in a piece of dried papaya!


Cardboard Boxes

I’m not convinced these weren’t invented specifically for bunny use. Seriously. The Costco membership fee is worth it just for the access to free empty boxes.

Get a nice sharp knife and make bunny-size “doors” on two or three sides. Switch up the size, shape, and cardboard thickness to keep it interesting. And don’t forget tunnelsuse masking tape (not duct tape, not Scotch tape, not electrical tape) to connect several boxes and watch your bunnies race through them.

BONUS: Check your local Dollar Tree for carpet squares to tape on top of the boxes. Poof! Your bunnies now have top-of-box traction. Like this:

Towels work too!

Not a Costco member? Try late-night Walmart! They restock shelves in the wee hours and are delighted for you to take the empty boxes off their hands.

Old Tupperware

Your buns might gnaw at it, but they’ll get the biggest kick out of tossing it. Make sure it’s size-appropriate for your buns and sufficiently lightweight for a five-pound rabbit to pick up and throw.

Come to think of it, it needn’t even be Tupperware; super-hard plastic will do the trick. Years ago, I accidentally left one of those small white plastic trash bins in Bear’s pen, and he loved it so much I bought him one of his own. He thinks it is hilarious to kick it over.

Subtly hilarious.

What cool free (or nearly free) toy do your bunnies love? Tell us!

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