The One Thing You Should NEVER Do to Your Bunny

If I could rent a billboard large enough for every animal owner in the world to see, this is what I’d put on it: YOU MUST LOVE YOUR BUNNY ON HIS/HER TERMS.

I don’t care how adorable she’s being. Bunnies are six inches tall and weigh about five pounds, on average, and they absolutely, positively must know and believe that they can trust you to treat them gently and respectfully.

The one thing you should never do to your bunny? Force interaction.

Never Pick Up Your Bunny “Just Because”

The exception to this – a bunny that actually likes being held – is as rare as a Bigfoot sighting. Ninety-nine percent of all bunnies hate being held because it makes them feel insecure. If you’re not sure what your bun prefers, err on the side of caution and leave him or her on solid ground.

Never Force Your Bunny to Stay When He Wants to Go

The obvious exception is when you are administering medication. This goes back to trust. Your bunny must be able to trust that you will put his needs and desires above your own when it comes time to pet or play.

Never Rush Your Bunny

This is particularly true in the early days with your bunny. When he or she first comes home with you, quiet and rest are absolute musts. Set up an area that is exclusively his or hers, complete with places to hide and plenty of toys, and leave. Your bunny needs time to acclimate and to begin the process of understanding that this place is home. Resist the urge to cover him or her in kisses and cuddles. Go away and give your bunny space.

Never Corner Your Bunny

Again, the only exception is in an absolute emergency. If it’s a matter of life and death, by all means do whatever you must to grab him or her and run. Otherwise, wait on your bunny to come to you. Clipping nails, feeding, and any other routine activity can wait. The damage you will do to your bunny’s trust in you is not worth the few minutes you’ll save.

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